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Drone Sling Bag


For those who need both a simple sling bag and something with a bit more room (and functionality).

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Vessel Purse


To compose new forms of habits in all activities.

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Relic Sling Bag


On the day where you’re a little free, but still require organization to keep your essentials much more easy to access.

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Sense Sling Bag


A smaller-format crossbody bag that’s versatile for a range of uses, from minimalist commutes with just the essentials, to sightseeing day trips and weekend explorations about town.

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ARK Cable Management


SYMA. CUBE “ARK” makes the most of packing space inside any bag and keeps your accessories neat and clean.

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Noir Shirt Jacket


This SYMA. Outer “Noir” is a versatile shirt jacket formed in black parachute fabric.

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Cortex Jacket


Cortex black jacket is a simple, stylish and tailored jacket.

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Echo Foldable Backpack


The FOLD Backpack is a reliable foldable backpack for your daily excursions and commute. Lightweight for convenience and comfort.

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