Cubic Shoes Bag


esigned to keep your footwear protected, and also add a touch of style to your journey.

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With a spacious zippered main compartment, our Cubic Shoes Bag shields your cherished shoes from scuffs and dirt during your journeys. Ready for any occasion, it is suitable both for business trips, leisurely getaways or even various sports activities after office hours.

Thoughtfully a handle design crafted with a mix faux leather and webbing, offers a firm and comfortable grip. It is built both for chic and to withstand the test of time. The perfect blend of style and functionality. Ensuring your shoes are always in prime condition. 

The zippered mesh pocket on the back provides additional storage space for your small shoes essentials, such as shoe polish, socks, or space laces. Everything you need for your cherished shoes is right at your fingertips.



Polyester Hexagon Ripstop / Polyester Ripstop / Polyester Lining / Polyester Double Mesh / YKK Zipper / YKK Zipper Puller / Acetal Parts / Polyester Webbing



21cm x 34cm x 13cm