Peach Tote Bag

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Simply carry your goods in SYMA’s familiar distinct style and design.

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Stimulating your everyday life becomes much more manageable with our Peach Tote Bag to accompany you carrying your goods. Crafted with a combination of Polyester Mesh Fabric and Polyester Taslan Ripstop, it’s more accessible to tuck away the Peach Tote Bag whenever you need. You can choose it as the primary carry for your goods or as a supplementary one!

Supported by Nylon Safety Belt Webbing, our Peach Tote Bag can accommodate the equivalent of two shoe boxes. Therefore, you can quickly put your goods inside while maintaining the style and design SYMA represents.



Polyester Mesh Fabric / Polyester Taslan Ripstop / Nylon Safety Belt Webbing



64cm x 38cm x 16cm