Rhyme Apron Sling Bag


A Distinctive Apron Slingbag That Streamlined Functionality and Effortless Organization

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An Apron? Yes. A Sling Bag? Yes. Our Rhyme Apron Sling Bag is offering the perfect blend of functionality and practically at the same time, that allows you to utilize it on your work or even your daily chores to fulfill on routine tasks with ease and efficiency. 


By utilizing the zipper and strap, this Rhyme Apron Sling Bag can be used as a sling bag or wrapped around the waist and used as an apron. Whether you’re a chef, bartender, artist, craftsman, or just working with a scissor, screwdriver, etc – this Rhyme Apron Sling Bag is perfectly made for you to accomplish your everyday rituals. 


Crafted from polyester materials, it is designed with a lot of compartments to keep your tools and essentials organized and within reach. Additionally, a dedicated sleeve provides a snug fit for your 11″ iPad, keeping it protected and accessible whenever you need it.


Material :

Polyester Crinkle // Polyester Double Mesh // YKK Coil Zipper #5 // Polyester Lining // Nylon Safety Belt Webbing // Acetal Plastic Parts



32 X 24 X 2 cm (Fold)

32 X 50 X 2 cm (Unfold)


  • One (1) main compartment (when fold / zipped)
  • One (1) Medium flap pocket
  • One (1) Medium stash pocket
  • One (1) Zipper pocket
  • Molle webbing
  • One (1) Internal pocket
  • One (1) Small mesh zipper pocket